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Syrian Histories

Syrian Histories is a library of oral histories of Syrians established in 2016. The library currently holds over sixty recorded interviews conducted in Lebanon in 2016. In each, the interviewee talks about their life and personal experiences in Syria during the decades that preceded 2011. Collectively, the interviews present a cultural and social narrative of Syria, a country now known the world over for the brutal ongoing war but one with a rich heritage worthy of documentation.

The interviewees are as diverse as the topics they discuss. Among the women and men, youth and elderly interviewed are professors and illiterates, industrialists and bedouins, single mothers and polygamists, worshipers and atheists, Kurds, Assyrians, Ismailis and Sunnis, to name but a few.

The project team is currently preparing the library for public dissemination and a website on which written and recorded summaries of the oral history interviews will be published is to be launched in the coming months. The library is a living library and Sharq intends to continue interviewing Syrians and adding to the oral histories library in the coming years.



Sharq is a non-profit organisation registered in the UK and Lebanon and working across the Arab World to promote and strengthen pluralism and independent thought.

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