Syrian Culture in Times of Conflict –

Syrian Culture in Times of Conflict

Syrian Culture in Times of Conflict

Syrian Culture in Times of Conflict

Syrian_Culture_DiscussionsSyrian Culture in Times of Conflict is a series of live, live-streamed and archived discussions hosted in Beirut and Stockholm between 2014 and 2015 and organised by non-profit organisation Sharq and Alexandra Sandels Firma with the support of the Swedish Institute.

A total of 13 panel discussions hosting 45 panellists were held over the course of 13 months. Musical performances, poetry recitals and film screenings showcasing Syrian talent followed many of the discussions. The goal was to encourage and enable offline and online discussion about Syrian culture and identity and provide a framework for understanding the various cultural challenges that Syrian society now faces in light of the conflict.

We encourage you to continue adding to the various streams of discussion through the project’s Facebook group.

All the discussions were video recorded and can be watched at in the original language in which the debate was held (either English or Arabic) or with English or Arabic dubbing.


Sharq is a non-profit organisation registered in the UK and Lebanon and working across the Arab World to promote and strengthen pluralism and independent thought through interventions in media development and production, oral history, community building and cultural practice.