Series: Extremism in Syria and Europe –

Series: Extremism in Syria and Europe

Media Production

Series: Extremism in Syria and Europe

Sharq supported the work of Syrian media organisation Sound & Picture in 2018, guiding a team of journalists working in Syria and Europe in the production of a series of fifty articles focused on extremism and its causes, impacts and remedies.

In a bid to develop content that would instigate discussion and have a social impact, the team drew on comparative history as it addresssed the many facets of extremism, an issue of great historical significance and increasing influence not only in the Arab world but also in Europe.

The fifty articles were written in Arabic and published on the website of Sound & Picture in a project specific dossier.

Among the stories published:

Political extremism and its relationship to religious extremism

Repentance of former extremists – a model that may help others

Extremism among women is as much a risk as it is among men

The impact of economic health on the rise or fall of extremism


Reem Maghribi

Reem Maghribi is the managing director of Sharq. A writer and story curator, she is local to London, Damascus, Beirut and Larnaca and has additional roots in Libya and Palestine. She has worked in the fields of media and communication for over twenty years, mostly with civil society organisations and international agencies.