Periodical: Tarikhi journal –

Periodical: Tarikhi journal


Periodical: Tarikhi journal

The bi-lingual Tarikhi journal presents stories from among Sharq’s oral history collections, as well as contributions from researchers, writers and cultural actors about and related to oral histories and storytelling in the Arab world.

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The journal was launched at a multi-disciplinary event held in Beirut in November 2018. The event included an exhibition of powerful photographs taken by photojournalist George Azar that depict the stories of victims and survivors of the Lebanese civil war and the Palestinian Intifada. An interview with Azar is featured in the inaugural issue of the journal.

Also showcased at the launch event were works produced by Beirut artists as they reflected on quotes and stories from Sharq’s oral history collections, a staged reading of the play “I Am Not A Vase” and a discussion with professional storytellers.

More photographs of the event can be seen on Sharq’s Facebook page and Sharq’s Instagram page.

Read: The English edition of Tarikhi issue 01

The Arabic edition will be uploaded soon.


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