Omar Bakbook, Syrian Histories team member –
This was the most wonderful project I have ever worked on. I discovered Syria as if I had not previously known it.

Omar Bakbook, Syrian Histories team member

Omar Bakbook was one of sixteen Syrians with experience in media, culture or development work who completed an intensive training workshop on oral histories hosted by Sharq in Beirut in 2016.

Ten of those trainees joined the Syrian Histories project and interviewed over sixty Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Those interviews are now being prepared for publication in the soon to be launched virtual Syrian Voices library. The library will house a collection of audio and video recording and written articles that portray personal stories that paint a rich and diverse cultural history of Syria, its heritage and its communities.


Sharq is a non-profit organisation registered in the UK and Lebanon and working across the Arab World to promote and strengthen pluralism and independent thought through interventions in media development and production, oral history, community building and cultural practice.