Lebanon White Papers –
Promoting cohesion and collaboation within  Lebanese civil society

Lebanon White Papers

This program, conducted in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), brought together civil society professionals to constructively discuss and collaborate on projects to address topics of interest to Lebanon and its citizens and residents.

The program engages civil society activists, academics, the media, and the public through focus group sessions, a public panel discussion and the publication of white papers.

The five topics discussed were maternal citizenship; corruption; waste management; promoting reading; and media censorship.

Civically engaged organisations active in each of the issues came together to share knowledge and experiences and propose initiatives that foster cohesion and aim at change through unity.

The resulting white papers were published in December 2016 and launched at a public symposium held at the Issam Fares Institute at AUB where Peter Rimmele, resident representative of KAS Lebanon, assistant professor at LAU Monika Halkort, and researcher Dany Haddad spoke led the discussion.


The downloadable PDF publication includes white papers on the following topics:

Media Censorship, by Leena Saidi

Corruption, by Dany Haddad

Promoting Reading, by Nawal Traboulsi

Maternal Citizenship, by Saada Allaw

Waste Management, by Aya Ibrahim


The white papers book is also available for download in Arabic.



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