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Lebanon Livelihoods

Mahmoud Al-Hajj

Lebanon Livelihoods

“Lebanon Livelihoods” is a research project undertaken in 2017 by Sharq.Org, in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The project website hosts audio and video recordings of a series of interviews conducted with Palestinians and Lebanese residing in Lebanon. The goal of the interviews was to gather personal accounts of challenges faced by members of those communities in relation to employment and entrepreneurship in the country.

A research paper entitled “Lebanon Livelihoods – Economic Opportunities and Challenges for Palestinians and Lebanese in the Shadow of the Syrian Crisis”, produced by Sharq and written by Lorraine Charles, draws on the collection of narratives and presents quotes from some of the interviews.

As part of the production and research process, Sharq hosted a round table discussion with representations from UNRWA, ILO, UNDP, Synaps, Legal Agenda and IMCapital. The gathering facilitated a fruitful exchange of knowledge and research that helped strengthen the report.

Download the report (English): Sharq-Lebanon_Livelihoods-Report-EN

Reem Maghribi

Reem Maghribi is the managing director of Sharq. A writer and story curator, she is local to London, Damascus, Beirut and Larnaca and has additional roots in Libya and Palestine. She has worked in the fields of media and communication for over twenty years, mostly with civil society organisations and international agencies.