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Sharq is a non-profit organization, registered in the UK and in Lebanon, that aims to promote and strengthen pluralism and independent thought throughout the Arab world.

Our mission is to strengthen the ability of Arab citizens to hear and be heard and to engage in honest productive interactions. We do so by developing opportunities for citizens to learn the skills needed for productive expression and debate and providing opportunities for people to apply such skills and interact fruitfully with others.

We believe in the individual as a motor of change; in a  commitment to limiting citizen reliance on group representation; and in a dedication to the development of innovative and attractive platforms.

We support the creation of independent spaces and platforms that enable uncensored exchange of ideas and aim to improve the quality of representation and story telling in the Arab world through engagement with journalists, artists and activists.

Our activities include the provision of training, through workshops and practical work; publishing online and in print, to give individuals a platform and voice; and organising events that enable exchange and development of ideas and expression

Our directors come from diverse backgrounds and boast experience and expertise in in the fields of culture, media, development, education and law.

Our partners have included the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Swedish Institute, the Arab Human Rights Fund, UCL Qatar, the UK FCO, the Asfari Institute, the Issam Fares Institute at AUB.

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